Hommage á Axel Borup-Jørgensen

5 composers and 15 musicians honours Axel Borup-Jørgensen

Michala Petri, recorder, Leif Hesselberg, guitar and Lapland Chamber Orchestra, conductor Clemens Schuldt

Axel Borup-Jørgensen: ”Déjà-vu” op. 99 from 1982 for guitar and string orchestra

Thomas Clausen: Concertino for recorder and strings (world premiere)

Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Music for 13 strings (world premiere)

Sunleif Rasmussen: Winter Echoes (world premiere)

Bent Sørensen: Whispering for recorder and string (worldpremiere))

Axel Borup-Jørgensen: ”Sommasvit” for stringorchestra op. 24 fra 1957

Entré 125 kr. Tickets: (Danish Radio record and broadcast the concert)